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Kehillah Kedosha: Middle/High School Leadership Trip

The Kehillah Kedosha Middle and High School Leadership Trip to CSS

The b’nai mitzvah year is an individualized experience. Each student is unique and brings their own set of gifts and talents to the bimah (alter). The trip from August 23-25, 2022 is an ideal opportunity for middle school students to get out of their comfort zones and challenge themselves to exert their greatest potential. 

Thanks to the generous support of the Samis Foundation, HNT was able to offer a very reduced price to both HNT students and students of non HNT members.

The effort one puts into the b’nai mitzvah experience brings a great reward of satisfaction and by being immersed in the b’nai mitzvah journey on the trip, students enrich their understanding of the process by working together and bonding as a group. The trip is geared toward sixth through eighth grade students from HNT and beyond. The trip focuses on the b’nai mitzvah journey, both before and after, and how it relates to the coming of age experience on a personal level. For students about to become a b’nai mitzvah and also for students who have already experienced this meaningful rite of passage, this trip is an opportunity to combine Judaism, ecology, and leadership in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Alumni of the trip who went on the trip in previous years are encouraged to participate again this year to deepen their understanding and experience of leadership and ecology in a Jewish context. The leadership opportunities for all the students on this trip are tremendous. The trip marks a transition in our student’s educational journey and we’re looking forward to your participation! 

We will spend the first day white water rafting the Upper Skagit. Here's is our schedule for the first day:

8:00: Meet at HNT
10:30-3:30: White Water Rafting with Water River Guides
3:00: Go to CSS to continue our Adventure!
6:00: Arrive at CSS just in time for dinner

After rafting, we will spend the next two days at CSS working together on the ropes course, enjoying the waterfront, and exploring all that CSS has to offer!

Students in high school are also encouraged to go on this trip to develop their own leadership potential. High school students can acquire 24 hours of volunteer time if they participate as youth leaders in the trip. The cost of the trip is $395 for all students which includes transportation, meals, ropes course experience, lake programming, bicycle riding, and lodging. Refunds will be provided only if we are able to fill your spot. Open to the community!

Drop off is at HNT at 8:00 AM on August 23 and pick up is at HNT on August 25 at 5:00 PM. Please contact Dr. Eliyahu Krigel at for more information about this trip. Contact Merav Canaan at for mitigation.

**Please note that there is a $85 non-refundable fee.**!

If forced to go virtual due to Covid-19, we will still engage in abbreviated online programming during this time period of our scheduled trip. While at CSS we will follow CSS Covid-19 protocols.

Thanks for your participation!

Note that $85 of your registration fee is non-refundable.
Registration will only submit following payment on the next page.
Please check for a confirmation email after payment is complete.
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